read before you orderTERMS OF SERVICE

Shipping limited
1. Product with famous brand, such LV,Nike...
2. Battery,or contain battery, magnetism in your parcel.
3. Liquid or powder
4. Weapon Or Drug--This is 100% not allowed!
5. More detail can be checked in shipping rate page or inquery us

Custom problem
1. We will try to cooperate with you to solve the custom problem. However, we are not responsible for custom problem include custom tax.

Parcel return
1. Shipping cost will not be refunded for returned parcel from shipping company
2. If the parcel is returned from destination country, some shipping ways like EMS , Epacket... is free to handle returning, some like DHL, TNT... will charge a lot of returning fee which will be paid by you.
3. It's free for us to handle the returned parcel that already returned to our warehouse.

Parcel lose
1. If the parcel is lose by shipping company during shipping out, We will try to get compensated for product declared value and shipping cost from shipping company on your behalf. But not promise 100% successful.
2. If the parcel is lose in our warehouse.(not include the parcel that we still not update to warehouse system or still not arrive at our warehouse), Will pay for product declared value to you.

1. Storage Insurance: Default not include Storage insurance. If warehouse suffer Natural disaster such as fire, flood... , you have to bear it.
2. Shipping Insurance: Default no shipping insurance.

Product damage
1. We refuse the Fragile and vulnerable goods or you will bear all the risk for the damage of Fragile and vulnerable goods
2. If the parcel is damaged by our warehouse worker, We will pay for product declared value for the damage
3. If the parcel is damaged during shipping, We will try to get compensated from shipping company, but not promise will be successful

Product quality
1. We are not responsible for product quality problem

1. We provide free storage for the first 30 days for products in our warehouse
2. If your balance is not enough to pay storage fee. We will still keep your product for MAX 90 days.
After 90 days , if you still not recharge money into balance to cover storage fee, we will trash your products