do custom clearanceShip to China

Export to China and we handle custom for you


You can ship parcel to our Chinese warehouse from worldwide.
We will handle custom clearance and custom tax for you.
After we receive your parcel, you can forward it inside China or worldwide.


1. Customer clearance fee
    - Depend
    - low value Small parcel will be much lower as we will import as personal use.(We are not able to control, sometimes it must be imported as business use)
    - If import as business use, About $100 - $200 USD

2. Customer tax
    - Depend
    - Usually 17% of the value. Different product is different.
    - low value Small parcel is possible to be free.

3. Shipping fee to ship out from our warehouse
    - Check the shipping quote list here: SHIPPING CALCULATOR

Guide to ship to China:

1. Get our warehouse address in User center->Dashboard
2. Before or after you ship, tell us the item info, tracking number in User center-> top right -> ticket.
3. We handle custom clearance and custom tax when we receive and we reduce your account balance to charge the fee
4. You see your parcel list in your account in our system
5. Ship out your goods from our warehouse to worldwide or inside China.
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